Quality Services Provided by BBC Inspections:

We aim to be much more than the average home inspection company. Our range of services makes us your one stop shop for all your construction related consulting needs.

BBC InspectionsHome Inspections

– BBC Inspections specializes in performing traditional home inspections which proudly exceed ASHI & NACHI standards. Our home inspections offer clients accurate and consistent full home evaluations to help them make educated decisions. This service is beneficial for anyone buying or selling a home.

Commercial Building Inspections

– BBC Inspections has a strong commitment to our commercial partners. We fully understand the importance of evaluating and educating business owners on one of their largest investments. It is vitally important to have commercial structures inspected prior to sale or purchase. Our inspection process will identify issues with the building envelope for water penetration risks, structural issues, electrical issues and all other major components of the building. Our clientele are people or firms concerned with structural defects, safety issues and future cost factors.

Insurance Inspections

– BBC Inspections is fully certified to perform Wind Mitigation and 4 point insurance inspections to meet your insurance company’s requirements. Insurance four point inspections are typically required on homes 30 years or older. BBC Inspections can help you save money on your homeowner’s insurance with a wind mitigation insurance form.

Pre-sale Inspection

– In the current real-estate market, homes are often listed for extended periods of time. It is critical for sellers and real-estate agents to maximize the home’s exposure and to give it an edge over the standard competition. Having a home pre-inspected greatly increases the home’s marketability and uniqueness over the competition and helps it to stand out in the crowd.
A pre-inspected home will bring to light all defects ahead of time and make for a smoother sale with no last minute surprises. A pre-inspected home also helps realtors price the home more competitively with full disclosure. All subscribers to this service will receive a sign to hang on their real estate board (where allowable) which designates the home as Quality Pre-Inspected.

Follow-up Inspection

– A follow-up inspection ensures that any work or repairs have been done to industry standards. You can rely on BBC Inspections to be your unbiased quality control specialists. We promise to give an educated assessment detailing any needed improvements or to give the stamp of approval.

Maintenance Inspection

– This unique BBC Inspection service allows homeowners to keep up with their home maintenance and stay educated on their constantly changing conditions.. If you have not had your home inspected for a while, call us now to schedule a maintenance inspection. We can also schedule a maintenance inspection annually from the date of the original inspection and re-certify your home with an updated report. This service is very valuable for busy people who may not have the time or technical knowledge to carry out their own maintenance regimen. Maintenance inspections are very helpful because they often identify hidden problems before they become more severe and more expensive to repair. Our fully trained inspectors can also provide helpful insight regarding how to proceed with necessary repairs as well as what the approximate costs associated with the repairs may be. Maintenance inspections have the potential to save homeowners money and enable them to knowledgeably protect their property investment.

water-heater-inspectionConstruction Draw Inspections

– When building a house or financing major renovation, many banks will require draw inspections to verify the builder’s progress. BBC Inspections offers fast and reliable draw inspections with same-day report delivery in most cases. Our draw inspections are competitively priced, but no one can compete with our service. This is a great tool for banks and private clients who wish to monitor the construction progress to ensure timely payment of work completed. Stage inspections are often performed in conjunction with draw inspections to determine the quality of the work.


– Have you ever had a persistent roof leak that just doesn’t seem to stop dripping, even after being repaired several times? How about stress cracks which suddenly appear, making you nervous about a potential very large expenditure? Do you fear calling out a contractor because you don’t know if you can trust him? BBC Inspections offers an inexpensive and unbiased alternative to costly contractors as an initial evaluation. Also, you can have confidence that if a specialist is needed, we have a highly qualified network of referral partners who can serve your needs. Our ability to offer this outstanding service is useful for people who want answers but don’t always know who can offer the most accurate and unbiased recommendation. Call us for all your troubleshooting needs, such as: water intrusion, structural issues, roof problems, doors, windows, mold issues and more.


– BBC Inspection’s sister company, Radon Check, is an environmental testing firm. Radon Check cooperates with several of Tampa’s leading laboratories and specialists to assure their reports are available in as short a time as possible. Radon Check specializes in testing radon gas levels in residential, commercial, state and federally owned buildings. Radon Check also specializes in well-water sampling.

Insurance four point Inspection

– BBC Inspections is fully certified to perform insurance 4 point inspections. Insurance four point inspections are typically required on older homes. If you are buying a vintage home, BBC Inspections can perform the full home inspection, and, the insurance inspection for an additional fee. This helps in saving you the time and money of an independent inspection. The four point inspection is delivered at the same time as the full report, within 24 hours of the completion of the inspection.

What to Expect

  • Accuracy: One of our core values is accuracy. Accuracy in an inspection is vital and it governs our ability to diagnose and understand the root of a problem. We ensure accuracy through stringent training, continuing education and an apprenticeship program.
  • Reliability: When you hire BBC Inspections you can be assured that the consultant will be at the property on time. He will have all the tools needed to perform an exceptional inspection. And, he will have the training and experience to be more than competent to complete the job.
  • Consistency: We pride ourselves on the consistency of our inspections and reports. After 20,000+ inspections, consistency is what has created the customer loyalty that we have enjoyed for the past 25+ years.
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